Where in Paris? (30/07/2013)

A remarkable garden that attests to the pomp and grandiose its once notorious owners were noted for. Covering over 800 acres of land, the meticulously landscaped gardens and perfectly manicured lawns surround a multitude of fountains, which are on full display in the summer months – much to the delight of the millions of visitors that show up each year.

There was once a famous labyrinth upon the grounds of this esteemed garden; citing many fables, and to which the statues of Cupid and Aesop still bear testament.

Can you guess its famous location?

Where in Paris? (30/07/2013)

Where in Paris? (30/07/2013)


Where in Paris? (05/07/2013)

Today’s photo is from one of Paris’ most visited landmarks. From Dan Brown’s Da Vinci code, to the urban legend surrounding the Triple 6, this monument is not without its controversy!

It seems to have the French people divided right down the middle, but love it or hate it; you cannot deny it is a feat of design engineering.

Très facile!

Where in Paris? (05/07/2013)

Where in Paris? (05/07/2013)

Where in Paris (26/05/2013)

I’m so glad readers seem to like this little game! I’ve received Facebook messages with the answers! Feel free to also leave your answers in the comment section here below.

So today’s photo might be a little more difficult (they can’t all be easy, now can they?!)

Put on your thinking caps, whip out your google maps app…and let me know where you think this is:

Where in Paris 26/05/2013

Where in Paris? 26/05/2013

Where in Paris? (15/05/2013)

I buy a lot of travel magazines, but my absolute favorite amongst them all has to be Condé Nast Traveller. It’s jam-packed with great articles, and unrivaled travel inspiration.

The minute mine’s arrives in the post, I eagerly turn to my favorite regular feature: “Where in the World”. I simply love this guessing game! Haven’t heard of it? Well, every issue features an arbitrary picture, from anywhere in the world. It could be a historic landmark, a well-known (or little known) building, and park, a river…basically anything. Readers have to guess where the photo was taken, and Condé Nast gives out a prize to a randomly drawn correct answer.

So, because I enjoy this guessing game so much, I’ve decided to create my very own. Every week or so, I’ll post a random picture of a landmark/park/building in Paris, and I’ll open the comment section of the post to answers. Unfortunately there’s no prize (for now) for guessing the correct answer, but if this seems to be a popular thread, I’ll add one!

So, here’s today’s picture! I’ve kicked things off with a relatively easy one. Care to venture a guess?

Where in Paris 15/05/2013

Where in Paris? 15/05/2013