Berlin: A Photo-Essay

As I have taken hundreds of photos on my last trip to Berlin, I thought it would be fitting to end my series of posts about the city with a photo-essay.

I adore Berlin. The people are friendly and smiley. The transport systems (both public and private taxis) are cheap and easy to navigate, there is a diverse assortment of food, and there are of course, some stunning hotels to lay your head at night.

But what I love most, is unearthing a little bit more of Germany’s, and in particular – Berlin’s history each time I go there. I am completely fascinated by the stories of the wars, the human accounts, the Wall, the legends. Germany’s history reveals itself throughout Berlin, with educational trips to museums and exhibitions dotted around the city.

But history aside, the German capital is a trendy, fashion-conscious city, which makes it an ideal destination for a glam weekend city-break.

So without further delay, here are my favorite images from my trip to Berlin:

berlin photo essay

Brandenburg Gate

Berliner Dom

Berliner Dom

Berlin Grafitti

Poignant Graffiti

Berlin photo essay

Old and New

Berlin photo essay


Altes Museum in the Lustgarten

Altes Museum in the Lustgarten

Berlin photo essay

Temporary exhibition

Berlin photo essay

DDR Museum

Berlin photo essay

Checkpoint Charlie

Berlin photo essay


Berlin photo essay

Berlin Concert House

Berlin photo essay

East Side Gallery – Berlin Wall

Berlin photo essay

More currywurst – it’s serious business!

Berlin photo essay

Mother with her Dead Son – War Memorial

Berlin photo essay

Holocaust Memorial


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