The Eiffel Tower Plays Dress-up!

Eiffel Tower South Africa

Not quite dark yet…

In the city famous for haute couture, Paris’ iconic (and by far its most visited) landmark; the Eiffel Tower, sparkled like a jewel as it adorned itself in the famous rainbow colors of the South African national flag on Thursday, 18 July.

Apt, seeing as people the world over celebrated Mandela Day, an annual day in honour of former South African president, Nelson Mandela.

On this same day the nation’s beloved Tata, as he is affectionately called (meaning ‘father’ in Xhosa) turned 95 years old. Many feared that the milestone may have never come, seeing as the anti-apartheid hero had spent the previous 41 days in a Pretoria hospital suffering from complications of a lung infection.

I took the opportunity, basking in the multicolored glow of the Eiffel tower’s lights, to feel a little homesick, and at the same time, very proudly South African.

Eiffel Tower South Africa

A Paris Icon, proudly South African

Eiffel Tower South Africa

Upclose and personal

Eiffel Tower South Africa

And then she sparkles!


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