A Clockwork Orange

My Top 7 Most Memorable Sunsets (So far)

There is something to be said about sunset. It’s magical.

The science geeks at the meteorological institutes will have us believe that a sunset is nothing more than the ‘scattering’ of light in relation to the wavelength and the size of the light particles themselves. They’re probably right.
All I know is: on a tropical beach, cocktail in hand, the sunset’s going to look pretty amazing no matter how much (or little) the light scatters.

Below is a list of the best sundowners (literally, not the other kind) I’ve experienced so far.

7. Amsterdam

Famed Notorious for many hedonistic pleasures, Holland’s Sin City is not the first place that springs to mind when you think of a magical sunset. Nevertheless, one lazy summer day, Mr. Wolf and I were able to capture this glorious fall of daylight from our hotel window overlooking the city.

Amsterdam sunset

6. Barcelona

This photo of a sunset taken in Barcelona happened by pure chance. After climbing the seemingly endless steps to the top of the Palau Nacional, which houses the Museu d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC), we eagerly awaited the fall of dusk to witness Carles Buigas’ Magic Fountain of Montjuïc. As the crowd swelled around us, the striking colors of the horizon provided the beautiful backdrop for this photograph.

barcelona sunset

5. Cape Town

South Africa’s Mother City knows how to put on her best face for travel photographers. From Clifton’s flawless beaches, to Cape Point’s picturesque overhangs. From the V&A Waterfront’s busy hub to Long Street’s bare-brick vibe. From penguin colonies to vineyards, there’s a photo opportunity at every corner. But; when the sun is low in the sky, threatening to retreat behind Table Mountain’s majestic silhouette, there is an extra special magic in the air.

This photo taken by Sam Rookes captures the very essence of that magic.

4. Mexico

Living it up in the lap of luxury on the Cancun hotel strip, our leisure-filled days were spent eating delicious gourmet meals, and swimming in heated outdoor pools. Every evening around dusk, we retreated to our private balcony, to watch the sun descend into the Nichupte lagoon. Cocktail in hand – it was pure bliss.

cancun sunet

3. Venice

It had been a loooong day. We had taken a morning tour of the glassmaking factories in nearby Murano Island, and then spent some time browsing the fares at the Rialto Market. Following a leisurely lunch at an authentic Italian trattoria, we spent much of the afternoon in, and around the magnificent piazza San Marco capturing the prerequisite 101 photographs. So, tired and weary, we were making our way back to the hotel by water taxi when twilight snuck up on us. We managed to snap this shot from our boat on the Grand Canal just before the last of the sun’s rays disappeared behind a row of buildings.

venice sunset

2. Durban

This photograph is one of my most special memories. Taken on one of my first visits back to South Africa after moving to Paris, I relished the long days of glorious sunshine. We went to the beach as often as possible, ate good food, and drank even better wine. I caught up with dear friends and spent a traditional family Christmas with those closest to my heart. And then one evening, when I looked up, the sky was showing off, in all her fiery glory.

Durban sunset

1. Santorini

Santorini is famed for its sunsets. In fact, the setting of the sun sparks a celebration on the idyllic island of Santorini unlike anywhere else in the world. From the postcard-perfect town of Oia (pronounced ‘ee-ha’), the view of the sunset over the caldera draws scores of crowds (tourists and locals alike). It was an incredible experience: at dusk you could feel a tangible excitement in the air. The best spots at bars and restaurants overlooking the ocean had been booked (probably hours in advance!). People descended in throngs upon Oia and gathered at the edge of every precipice, sitting on walls and even trespassing onto hotel’s balconies. When the shopkeepers closed their boutiques, we knew it was going to happen soon – that was our que. Fighting for a spot to raise the camera, as the greatest show of the day commenced: SUNSET

And tomorrow, do it all again….

santorini sunset

santorini sunset


9 thoughts on “A Clockwork Orange

  1. SO thrilled that TWO of these magical sunsets happen to be in the country i live in!! 🙂
    As amazing as the others are this still makes me….PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN!

  2. The colours are so striking! The Venice one looks like a lucky catch! I was in Venice last July, and i loved it.

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